Questions & Answers

Malise, you provide a range of holistic therapeutic services. Can you tell us about what you are offering to the community, both online and in person?

I offer in person within the Gold Coast area of Queensland, and online internationally, coaching & counselling, hypnosis and meditation practices, motivational & inspirational speaking, courses and workshops – my main focus at the moment is holistic coaching and counselling for those who are seeking joy and resilience in the middle of a challenging time in history.

What has motivated you to be of service to others in this role you have chosen?

My own experiences growing up with anxiety and depression – a repressed childhood, a 20 year serious eating disorder, addictions including alcoholism, prescriptions medication and drugs, co-dependency and a string of unhealthy relationships, awakening to the corruption in the world, my dark night of the soul, seeking support and encouragement but not finding it – so deciding to be that person for others who are also going through the scary experience of awakening to a massive shift in perception and feeling fear and loss of hope in the process. I feel it is my mission to use my first-hand experiences, gifts and talents to show others that love heals all wounds.

Do you have a special focus or overarching inspirational message when you are teaching, speaking, coaching and counselling?

Yes, that we are not our programming, not our ego, and not our bodies, we are much, much more, we are multi-dimensional beings having a human experience within a simulation or dream. When we awaken inside the dream, we can stop being controlled by our limited mind and its habits and subconscious programs. We can free ourselves from the external reliance, the duality of the world, the right and wrong, good and bad, black and white thinking, free of the endless suffering that our mind brings us. The wonderful feeling of eternal bliss is possible, and I can attest to this in my own life. When we realise who we really are, we find our power and our unshakeable inner peace – thereby no longer relying on external conditions (which we cannot control anyway) to keep us happy.

You use a combination of skills in your practice and you talk about programming a lot. Tell us about Neuro Linguistic Programming?

Absolutely, so as children we are in a hypnotic state, downloading everything around us, forming the very programming we take into adulthood. This becomes who we are, our mind, or our personality. Unfortunately, what we download as children is usually disempowering and made up of limiting beliefs, unhealthy cultural values, and deleted and distorted memories of which we don’t understand – this becomes our subconscious mind. So as adults, we are usually walking around with a wounded inner child at the steering wheel. And we wonder why life is such a struggle and why our thoughts are 80% negative most of the time (according to research). So, NLP is all about getting into our subconscious programming and changing it to be more empowering. NLP is learning how to use the language of our state of mind to change our behaviour, aka reprogramming. I.e., we can change the autopilot inside of us, which is 95% of our programming. Neuro: Our state of mind and how this affects our behaviour. Linguistic: The language of our state of mind. Programming: How we can change our state of mind.

You often talk about quantum science, can you tell us a bit about how this relates to healing, wholeness and lasting joy and resilience?

Quantum science has come about in the last 100 years. It’s now the leading science to explain our world, right down to what makes up the world. Scientists have shown we are in fact, energy within an electromagnetic universe. And even more interesting, is the powerful knowledge that our emotions are also quantifiable energy waves. And these waves of energy are attracted to each other if they are like each other. This is where the saying, like attracts like comes from. So essentially, when we are feeling fear and anger, for example, we are entraining or attracting more wave frequencies of fear and anger. So, we snowball these negative emotions and create more and more if we stay in these states. And similarly, if we are in a state of love and joy, we attract more love and joy as we entrain with similar frequencies. So, quantum science forms the basis of my focus when it comes to reprogramming the mind, in order to become empowered and attract higher frequencies of love and joy into one’s life.

You also talk about wisdom from the ancient teachers and great sages from history. Can you elaborate on this?

Yes, our ancient teachers and sages from history have had the answers we were looking for the whole time. If you look back at all of the ancient myths, religions and teachings, you will see that they all essentially tell the same story – that we are pure consciousness inside an illusion or dream and we have the power to move mountains. In other words, we are not the limits of our minds or bodies, we are far more than that. We do not have to rely on the external world for our liberation, instead, everything we need is within, our universal connection to our true nature – pure consciousness. Over time, this simple message has been distorted, complicated and hidden. We got caught up in the material universe and forgot about our true essence – that of love and inner wisdom. I believe powerful healing only comes to us when we begin to see the truth of our existence. We have the ability to heal ourselves and become free of our suffering. It wasn’t just Jesus that taught this, but also Buddha, the Tao, the Vedic’s, the Native Indians, the Aboriginals, etc.

Your approach is a holistic approach, bridging mind, body and spirit. Can you share how you ensure a client can find the right balance?

It starts with the heart; you need to focus on your heart first. Do you have love, appreciation, gratitude and compassion radiating from your heart? Meditation can provide this missing link. Then the mind, the mind is the programming what causes us to stumble and creates suffering. Use the daily triggers in your life to identify your disempowering filters of perception and then bring these out into the light to be felt, reconfigured and surrendered, and then finally, the body is the last to manifest. Your body is a direct manifestation of your mind and heart. It is the densest part of ourselves, that will heal itself when the mind and heart are in alignment. I help my clients find this balance and create lasting healing.

And finally, amidst the chaos of the current world challenges, is there a message of hope you can offer?

Absolutely. It is why I smile today and my heart is filled with love and joy. If you know you are an eternal being, a multidimensional aspect of pure consciousness, of love, then you know that nothing inside this illusion can touch you, or hurt you. This is perhaps, the most freeing message I can give. But it goes deeper, once you realise this, and begin to create a daily focus and practice of remembering who you really are, you find that your old programming is no longer interfering with your mind, heart and body. It falls away as you see and surrender the illusion that you ever had any control over the external world. We are truly free when we are no longer affected by our programming. I would highly recommend a daily meditation practice would be the start of this journey to finding inner peace, joy and resilience for the current world shifts that are happening around us.